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Summer seasons

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Southern Arizona is known for its two distinctive summer seasons, dry summer and wet summer.

The dry summer consists hot temperatures in the triple digits with no moisture beginning in May through June.

Wet summer begins in July when large violent storms roll in and display their impressive power with wind, lightning and rain (a bunch of rain)!!!

Truly a wonder of nature, these storms bring an explosion of life that is visible to the eye.

Ground cover and a second blooming of wildflowers blanket the desert and mountains!

Southwest Trekking…the premier outdoor guiding service in Southern Arizona.

We provide guided hiking and guided mountain biking tours with transportation and equipment for visitors to the Tucson area.

Get out and learn more about this unique area with professional guides trained to give you the best experience possible.

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Escape the heat!

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

During our hot summers it is still possible to get out and enjoy our diverse, beautiful public lands. This time of the year calls for heading up to the mountains, elevated isolated pine forested mountain ranges with an average of 20 to 25° cooler every single day! This picture was taken just the other day on Mount Lemmon. This haven of cooler weather is just a short drive from Tucson and rises 9,100 feet above sea level!

Call Southwest Trekking the professional hiking and mountain biking guide service. We will ensure your safety and make certain you get the most out of your outdoor activity during the hotter months.

We offer customized guided outdoor adventures with transportation and equipment always included.

Treat yourself to some outdoor education and beauty, with the peace of mind of knowing you will get the best experience possible!

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Christmas in Tucson

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Southwest Trekking would like to recommend…


The JW Marriott at Starr Pass!

Image result for jw marriott starr pass

Not only is it our home base fully stocked with our newest fleet of cruisers, road bikes, and mountain bikes, it is also the destination for the holidays with winter week ahead!  Come to Starr Pass for an unforgettable holiday experience.

We are Southwest Trekking the Professional Outdoor Guiding Service of Southern Arizona. We specialize in customized guided hiking, and guided mountain bike tours.

Southwest Trekking provides all equipment and transportation as well as a professional guide to make sure you get the best outdoor experience possible!

Bicycle rentals are also available including delivery and pickup from your hotel or residence. We have hard-tail and full-suspension mountain bikes, road cycles, and cruiser bikes!

Give is a call or checkout our website!

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Wild Sonoran Desert!

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Its a talented world out there of desert dwellers that have learned over thousands of years to survive in this wild landscape. For example, did you know…?


Kangaroo rats, one of the smallest desert mammals, can survive their entire lives without drinking a drop of water. They get their water from dry seeds and the occasional leaf or insect. The kangaroo rat has a highly effective metabolic system to conserve and recycle any water it does consume. For example, the kangaroo rat pees a highly concentrated paste. Nasal passages are also designed to cool the rat’s breath so it condenses the moisture into little water droplets that are reabsorbed into the rat’s body.


Some plants die completely above ground, but survive underneath the soil as thickened roots, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes and nodules of a variety of designs, structures and sizes.


The Sonoran Desert is a mixture of lush and dry because of what is known as a “Rain Shadow”.

If you’d like to learn more please contact us at Southwest Trekking for Guided Hiking and Mountain Biking information. We specialize in guided hiking and guided mountain biking trips for groups of all sizes.

Our adventure guides will provide everything you need for your group to get out and enjoy our beautiful Sonora Desert!

We will choose a trail that is tailored to your wants and abilities as well as provide transportation, equipment and a great experience!!

SWT also rents various types of bikes with delivery and pick-up included.

We offer road cycles, cruiser bikes and mountain bike rentals with all of the equipment necessary.

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How a sunrise works

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

During sunrise and sunset, when the sun lies low on the horizon, the rays of sunlight must pass through almost 30% more area of atmosphere than they do during the day, and a higher number of larger atmospheric particles (i.e., dust, or water vapor) before they reach us. The shorter violet and blue wavelengths scatter away from our field of vision. However, the longer wavelengths of light do not scatter as much and the sky becomes filled with yellow, orange and red. Red has the longest wavelength in the visible spectum, so when the sun lies on the horizon, it appears red.


For more teachable moments, join Southwest Trekking on a guided hike or guided mountain bike adventure and learn all the subtleties of the sonoran desert and appreciate its beauty. We also do a guided morning hike every morning at the JW Marriot at Starr Pass!

For any inquiries please contact us at

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Arizona Trail Dreams

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Do you have aspirations of greatness?

Take a look at this video to get a good understanding of what it takes and feels like to ride a section of the infamous Arizona Trail.  Featured ride is from Pistol Hill to Three Bridges–a classic ride for anyone familiar with Southwest Trekking.

Here at Southwest Trekking we offer Professional Guided Mountain biking and Hiking.  We provide the gear, the transportation, and the intimate trail knowledge to guide you on an extraordinary adventure in the wild landscapes surrounding Tucson, Arizona.

Next time you are nearby, we hope you’ll go no further than Southwest Trekking for all your hiking and biking dreams.  An adventure that is worth experiencing alone, or with friends and family.  No matter the age or ability, we’ll find a trail for you!

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The Loop

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


Covering more than 100 miles throughout the valley, Tucson’s #1 non-motorized path “The Loop” can take you into some of the most intimate desert settings and cultural hotspots.

Enjoyable on foot, bikes, skates, and horses, this is the place to head if you want to get in the mileage on your roadbike or stroll with the whole family without having to worry about cars and traffic.


Accessible from the JW Marriot at Starr Pass, just ask Southwest Trekking for a Cruiser, Mountain Bike, or Road Bike to go enjoy what Tucson has to offer.

Map of Pima County Bicycle Loop around Metro Tucson

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Perfect Weather

Thursday, December 1st, 2016


December 1st has arrived and so has the forecast we’ve all been waiting for!  This is the PERFECT time to explore the Sonoran Desert and all of its beauty.  To learn about this wonderful place in which we live, hire Southwest Trekking to take you on a Guided Hike or Mountain Bike Adventure to ensure that your desert experience to be as great as the weather.


We provide transportation, gear, knowledge, and expertise to accommodate all abilities and age levels.

Call us now!


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Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

weather-forecast-screenshotWe are in the 80’s as far as the eye can see!

Now is the season to get out and explore, come join us!

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Geology of Tucson

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Image result for season change in the sonoran desert

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