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Sunrise Stillness

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

The stillness of an early morning sunrise hike in Molino Basin of the Catalina Mountains reveals the peaceful stillness that we all are in search of.

Feeling out of balance and need to reground yourself? Join one of  SW Trekking’s Professional Guides for that grounding, peaceful reconnection to our life source, nature.

If you’re looking for more of an action packed adventure to test your limits and push thru your fear factor? We provide that as well. Mountain Biking will surely be your ticket to feeling that accomplishment and realization of what you can achieve.

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Sonoran Sunrise

Friday, July 14th, 2017

The summer monsoon storms create the most breathtaking views!

Seeing the morning sun ascend over the Santa Catalina Mountains after a night of monsoon storms is inspiring, yet not entirely captured in photos.

The best way to experience this in it’s splendor is an early morning hike or a bike ride, mountain or road.

Southwest Trekking Professional Guiding Service offers professional, knowledgeable hiking and biking guides, bicycle rentals, trail support, and shuttles to the trailhead of your choice.

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The Morning Hike

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

In an effort to better promote the Sunrise and Sunset Hike offered at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa, Southwest Trekking has been making an effort to take out the resort staff on the hiking trails in the Tucson Mountain Park. With the Lorane Lee Hidden Canyon and Bowen Trail heads literally 200 yards from the front door, the JW Marriott Resort and Spa has some of the best on site hiking found in Tucson. 

Southwest Trekking offers a complementary one hour Sunrise (departing at 7:00am) and Sunset (departing at 5:00pm) Hike to all guests staying at the resort.  Depending on group size and ability, we will either hike the Bowen or Lorane Lee Hidden Canyon trail.  Both hikes offer stunning views of the amazingly rich Sonoran Desert and a knowledgeable guide to explain the unique fauna and flora found in the region.  The morning hike allows guests the chance to start their day with some fresh air and exercise, while the Sunset Hike offers a chance to view the setting sun in a truly scenic setting.

This morning, I had the opportunity to take Steve, the concierge from the JW Marriott Resort and Spa, out on the morning hike.  Steve was ambitious and I was itching to get in a little walk, so we were able to make it out to the stone house located 1.5 miles in on the Bowen Trail.  It was Steve’s first time seeing the stone house, and I’m quite sure he was as impressed as I was the first time I saw it.  We had a nice morning exchanging interesting facts about the city of Tucson and the Sonoran Desert while strolling through some of the most amazing stands of Saguaro Cactus found in the area.  It was an eye opener for Steve as to how accessible and immense the trail system is out in the Tucson Mountain Park, and how diverse the vegetation is along the entire hike. 

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any animals this morning, save for a few trail runners and one dog, but it’s not uncommon to spot some Javalina, Mule Deer, and coyote on the trails in the early morning.  Steve mentioned that he could now understand why having a guide was important and beneficial to the guests; not only do we know where we are going, but we can also explain some of the interesting characteristics of the Sonoran Desert.  This was the whole reason for taking the staff out on the trails, so they could actually know how amazing the hiking is located at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa.  I took this as a success.  

As more and more hotel staff start joining us on the morning hikes, I’m sure we’ll see the popularity of the hike go up.  And the reason is simple, once you get to experience this amazing desert, you can’t stop talking about it.  If you are staying at the JW Marriott in Tucson, I encourage you to join us for one of our complementary hikes.  It’s also important to remember that there is amazing mountain biking right out the front door of the hotel as well.  If you ride, or want to ride, talk to a Southwest Trekking guide when you check in for more information.