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Friends or Foes

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

By looking at this picture the question is are these two friends or foes?

At first glance it would appear they are friends and the Roadrunner is escorting the Gila Monster across the street to safety. What is really going on is the Roadrunner is sizing up the Gila Monster for a meal. This would not be an easy meal so the Roadrunner is taking time to assess the risk reward factor.

Gila Monsters are venomous and respect is given but the Roadrunner is use to a challenging meal. Roadrunners dual the dangerous venomous rattlesnakes and the winner is rewarded with a hearty meal and a full tummy.

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Unlikely encounter

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

On Saturday I did a mountain bike guide at Starr Pass, but the spring weather was so beautiful I had to head back out for some more time on the trails. So, I headed up toward Catalina State Park to explore some more remote trails higher in the foothills. This is what I found…

He wasn't too happy to see me, but I was elated to see him!

Gila Monsters are remarkable animals. They are one of only two venemous lizards in North America. The can grow to over two feet long. Their limbs and feet are strong and well suited for both burrowing and climbing. These animals are also absolutely fearless and can fend off animals several times their size- as I was about to find out.

Now, I’ve been fascinated with reptiles for as long as I can remember and when I was six years old I spent $85 of saved allowance to buy a boa constrictor. Since then I’ve owned nile monitors, pythons, snapping turtles, rattlesnakes, kingsnakes, geckos, tortoises, and just to spice it up a bit a tarantula or two (one that I kept in middle school locker for a week). Anyway, I wasn’t about to let this guy get away without a closer look- so, I got in closer and took some photos.

After my chance encounter with one of the rarest and most impressive Sonoran desert creatures I continued on my way. I’d brought my dog with me for the ride and she made good use of the numerous stream crossings that are running up higher in the foothills.

They scenery wasn’t bad either. The desert is in full bloom right now and the wildflowers are covering the hillsides. The Arizona hedgehog cactus have started blooming and soon the cholla and others will be a fire of color.

some impressive large saguaros on baby jesus trail