Winter is Coming

Over the past few weeks the Tucson area has seen a mesurable amount of rain, These winter rains are generally more gental, and occur for longer durations than the monsoons, doing a better job of soaking the soil. These rains, especailly in November and early December, start the germination process for many species of wild flowers. (If you are trying to grow wildflowers in the Tucson area, now is the time to get them planted.) With some luck and more rain, we will see the benifit of this precious moisture late Febuary and into March with wonderful displays of wildflowers and Palo Verde trees blooming.

With rain in the valey, we can also expect snow in the higher elevations of our surrounding mountain ranges. This snow is extreemly important for both the high country and the desert. As the snow melts, it will collect in rivers and basins, eventually feeding our canyons which are dry most of the year. A few amazing places to view these temporary rivers are Sabino Canyon, Mila Grossa Canyon, Auga Caliente Canyon and Ventanna Canyon. These rivers supply gallons upon gallons of fresh water to the repairin vegitation growing on the banks, as well as animals found at all elevations in the Sonoran desert. Make sure to tread lightly around these precious streams as many species relay on them to survive.wash

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