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Da Delicious Coconut Crab

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Found this delicious snack in a coconut palm outside a friends house in Angaur, Palau. We were coming back from catching land crabs for dinner that night so the timing was perfect. We knew just what to do with him. Mmmm, delicious with a little garlic butter. In general, I tend to be a live and let live kind of guy. However this is different. life on the island connects you with your food. When you hunt and gather to sustain yourself it closes the gap that I feel is missing from a lot of American diets. We are led astray from what our food actually is. A Palauan man brought this point up to me. He asked, why do Americans call there food animals by a different name? Cow is beef, pig is pork, chicken is poultry, I have a hard time knowing what I’m ordering when I go out to eat.” What a brilliant insight. My feeling; which I attempted to explain to him as best I could with the language barrier, is that the relabeling is an attempt to disassociate animals and food. Call them by a different name and you take away the features of an animal. Now they have no faces, no family, no feelings, they are just slabs of “beef” wrapped in plastic and nestled on a little styrofoam trey. It is convenient for bbq but not so much for the biosphere we call home. I like the island, you catch your food, you clean it, you cook it (sometimes). You see the entire process and come to respect it.

Memorial Day Murph

Monday, May 28th, 2012

My very patriotic sister convinced me to join her Murph team. It is an event hosted by Northwest Crossfit of Tucson that raises money to help military victims and there families who have suffered losses while in the line of duty. The event is a series of crossfit exercises which will challenge even the ultra fit.

Murph” consists of the following:

  • 1 Mile Run to start
  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 200 Push-ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 mile run to finish

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Anyone. You don’t have to be a Navy SEAL (it just helps…)

WHAT IS MDM: A yearly Memorial Day Fundraiser based on a workout called “Murph” hosted at venues all over the country

WHEN: It is meant to be done on Memorial Day, however, can be done anytime the week before or after.

WHERE: Wherever you live. Many Crossfit gyms are hosting events, but it can be done anywhere you can run, do pull-ups, push-ups and squats.

WHY: To honor fallen military members with our pain and sweat, (some tears and blood too I’m sure), and to raise money for charities supporting military causes.

HOW MUCH: Registration is $35, and includes an awesome event shirt made by FORGED clothing.

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO: All profits go to the charities listed. We have ZERO paid staff and little overhead (shirts, shipping and some banking fees).

Wish me and the team luck!



Weather or not, here we come…

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

 The sun is shining some gentle rays this beautiful Memorial day weekend. Who wants to get outdoors? The Tucson area will be experiencing highs of 84 degrees these next few days with highs into the low 90’s by Monday. WOW! Go play outdoors; do it with Southwest Trekking.


Why So Blue?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The travertine waters of the Havisupi Creek are an incredible site to view, even better to swim in…

The water is such a magical site due to calcium carbonate a.k.a. lime that lines the creek bed and reflects the water so greatly. Rain and snow run off meander on the plateau above the canyon for about 50 miles. Then as it drops down into Havasu Canyon it meets up with an underground river/spring as it makes its way to the bottom of the canyon to meet up with the Colorodo River.

The waters of the creek stay 70 degrees year round. Wouldn’t you like to go for a swim? I bet you do. Call Southwest Trekking for information on making this dream a reality. (520) 296-9661 or visit

Havisupi hike

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Check out the pics from my recent Havisupi trip. The hard hike to the falls melts away as soon as you dive into the crisp blue waters.

I almost get vertigo recalling this shot from the top of Mooney Falls.

Reintroduced beavers doing well in AZ

Monday, May 21st, 2012

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is reporting a surge in beaver population for the San Pedro River just outside of Sierra Vista. The beaver were reintroduced in 1999 in hopes to help restore the natural state of AZ rivers after fur trappers decimated the populations native to the state.

Biologists believe that the beaver does the desert water shed a great service. It’s temporary dams allow the water to pool so that certain plants have time to root and establish themselves. The added root structures allow for the development of the riparian zone as well as allowing water to soak into the aquifers. The added storage allows rivers to release over a longer period of time, prolonging stream flows. Endangered plants such as the Huachucca Water Umbel has been spotted around some of the beaver’s dams.

This is a picture of the Huachucca Umbel. It is best seen in person. Perhaps you would like to see it in person along with the beavers. Southwest Trekking can manage that for you. Give us a call and we’ll hook you up with a trip you’ll never forget. 520-296-9661

Wildfires in AZ

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Wildfires in the desert are a threat all year round, especially in the dry summer months. Arizona fire fighters are currently attempting to contain a man made blaze near the historic mining town of Crown King. MSNBC is reporting that fire fighters are having a hard time containing the blaze. Dry conditions and strong winds are just some of the major challenges the workers are facing. Rough terrain, snakes, and old mine shafts cause additional hazards for the crew. See the link below for info regarding the trials and tribulations these men and women face trying to keep AZ from turning into char.

Fire is a natural cycle of regeneration of minerals into the soil. It helps to clear old growth and restore habitats. Traditionally these burn and grow patterns are caused by lightning. However the fire in Northern Arizona was started in a structure and was caused by humans. Lets learn from this blaze and try and be cautious with open flames. Check with local agencies regarding laws and regulations concerning fires in the areas you plan to visit. OR, you can let Southwest Trekking handle the details and equipment so you can focus on what is most important, the beauty of the Southwest.

Wag more

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

This bumper sticker was on a truck at the Hidden Canyon loop trailhead. Life lessons we could all use! The abillity of humor to speak vulumes is very cool.  What does this have to do with trekking?   Often the family dog is the first one out on trail and as the head of the pack he is guiding. Our four legged friends really do have a lot to teach. And also the guide is often converted to life coach when someone starts to hit the wall. These simple words can help get you through those times. Either say them out loud or repeat them in your mind, and really wag more and bark less!

Saguaro majesty

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

These beauties were seen in Catalina state park while preparing for an awsome team building, scavenger hunt adventure. whether its a family event or a large corporate outing like this one we can make it happen! And we will remind you to have fun and enjoy the natural beauty that our dessert has to offer!


How about a real challenge?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


You know when you see Lance Armstrong training on the route you have found yourself a challenging ride. Mt. Lemmon Highway in the Santa Catalina range is a climb to rival any in the U.S. The nice road leading up to the town of Summerhaven starts at an elevation of about 2,500 feet and continues to climb to 8,200 feet with an average grade of 5%.  The true pleasure in the ride up the mountain is the feeling of escape. The temperature cools drastically as you ascend up the mountain and away from the Tucson Metropolitan area. You move through several ecological zones and end up toping the hill with evergreen forest. It is beautiful and worth the effort it took to get there.

Contact Southwest Trekking for details about scheduling a ride on your next visit to the Tucson area. We’ll do the prep work so you can focus on the enjoyment. or 520.296.961

Happy Trekking,