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Monday, November 14th, 2011

Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen on a rare occasion. And today was one of those foggy days. As we were walking on the morning hike at the Marriott, when all of a sudden we were flodded with a dense layer of fog as it came rolling up the hills from the valley floor. And while it doesn’t last long, the dew collected on the spines of cactus does help hydrate the plants, as well as provide moisture to birds and animals. So luckily I had my camera, and was able to take a few photos of this rare occurance.   All this fall moisture should help us have some colour in the spring.  

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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

I know, I know.  So, we, I have been busy.  No excuses.  To catch you all up.  Monday we took out 10 riders.  It had rained out so we had to find a trail that would not have impact from the riders, not to mention the mud on the bikes that would have to be cleaned off the bikes.  Tucson has it.  Rocks, and more rocks and sand.  It worked great.  Everyone had an awesome time.  Then Wednesday we had to take bikes to Phoenix to help out our counterparts to the north.  Fun, but boy is that a boring drive.  They say, How far is Phoenix from Tucson?  Two rest stops and two six packs.  NOT.  Then yesterday I rode a new trail with a guide to check it out.  We had a blast, got to ride fast.  Then in the afternoon I was able to ride with a friend, yes, I have friends, that is training for El Tour De Tucson.  I love my road and my mountain bike.  Then today met with staff from one of the local resorts to set up in house rentals and guided outings.  It went well. But then we b professionals.  We be.  Check out our Facebook page if you get a chance.  More updates there.  Crazy…  Crazy..  Crazy…..  I love it.  Come hang with us.  Ride, hike, scream.  I scream a lot.

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Fall Rain

Monday, November 7th, 2011

All right!!!! It is raing, and has been for the last hour or so. This is absolutly awesome, and greatly needed. I’ve been told that November rains are what start the wildflower seeds to germinate. Which after last years crazy spring, where we barely saw any flowers, will be greatly embraced by people and animals alike. So lets keep our fingers crossed that this rain will happen a few more times this winter, and then we all can enjoy the vibrent colors of spring.