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biking on Juice

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

I have been riding a lot lately, putting miles in on the road as well as the mountain. I am turning 39 in February and looking for 39-40 being the healthiest I have ever been. As part of this I am on a Juice fast its been over a week and I feel great.  I have lost 16 pounds so far and more energy than ever.  The only time I feel hungry or the urge for food is when I am bored. I am getting to race weight and eliminating toxins like mad.  Well only 50 days of this juice fast to go, wish me luck and see you on trail. I’ll race you!


Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The hils are alive. On the morning hike today, we saw a good group of them running around the mountains. We also saw lots of birds and an abundance of rabbits. And then we found some scatt, which I think was Mountain Lion, which was loaded with deer hair. It’s good to know that nature is still being wild out there.

With the season finally changing, and not a moment too soon, everything is becoming a little more active. More hikers out, animals are roaming, bike wheels are turning, and the rewards of putting up summer are starting to show.

Road Ride, Southern Arizona

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

So, we took a group out for a road ride:

Below is a letter we received from their leader.

Greetings John,

As a follow-up to our recent ride, orchestrated and supervised by your company, I would like to thank you and say kudos for a job well done. Needless to say Mother Nature threw a toasty day at us and VIPAR Heavy Duty delivered a group of riders with varying experience and needs to you. That said, I can’t think of anything you missed or that I would have done differently.  I especially appreciated your attention to detail which helped make our event successful.

As for Tiny’s, your choice was perfect! Thanks for the find.

Again, from VIPAR Heavy Duty thank you for making our day and event memorable.


Director of Business Development

VIPAR Heavy Duty


So, I answered:


“Thanks, we try.”


And, below is a link to a short video we made of the event.


Road Riding in Southern Arizona


Come Ride With US

Southwest Trekking

Professional Guide Services



A new blog post

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Hello all well we have been busy again the temps have dropped a bit and the business is comin on. Guiding isn’t the only thing happening. Our little pueblo has come to life again with events outing and get togethers every other day. So hike bike and otherwise recreate.  Ah yeah its fall in Tucson lets shake off the dust and Ride.

Bill Peachy

Monday, October 3rd, 2011


Well, the last 48 hours have been just one little “gestalt” after another concerning the plant that shall, herein, remain “nameless” for those of you that have had to put up with my various mania concerning it that is now running a “fit” that is going on multi-decadal in duration( SEE the “Subject” box above if you really need to be reminded! Ha!! ).

I’ve been “up” through major portions of the past several nights looking at hundreds of images and comparing & verifying this and that…..and actually got a couple of interesting little “hits” on ideas while “guiding” for S.W. Trekkiing” up in the Tortolitas for the Ritz-Carlton Tuesday & Wednesday- do not tell John Heiman that I should be paying HIM for what he is providing me…!!!! ( He’ll ask for it ! ). [ Thanks, John! ]

I now believe I can accurately and relatively completely describe the major/ general features/ aspects of the growth of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ cactus stem( that which is “above ground” ). In turn, this information has been needed for the understanding of some of this plants “failures” as individuals – given the severe conditions that it encounters.

What has been crucial to the ( near )culmination of this mania has been the initiation of dissection/ anatomy study quests and fieldtrips that began early this year in January. No ONE had done this! I just can’t believe that this was the case, myself! STILL! Even now! Yes, there are more features/ conditions that I want to( “need” to ) see and document However, that state is all to the good now…….for me.

A title for the resulting paper/ presentation, describing “some” of what has been learned, could be: ” A Macro-kinematic Description of the Growth of the Stems and Reproductive Tissues of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Cactus( Carnegiea gigantea ) – including a description of the
Physical Determinants of so-called “Epidermal Browning” as a “Proof of Concept”

This year has been a remarkable intellectual journey for me….BUT, the discoveries of this year, in particular, couldn’t have taken place without the perpetual forebearance and aid of Kevin Horstman and Steve & Ann Smith along with the assistance of Ted and Janet Rupp and Tom Bethard. Thank You, folks!

This is all for now – I just thought you ALL should and would like to know what’s up! …..

My very Best Regards & My Thanks for Your continued interest & encouragement!

——————————- Bill Peachey