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Not much to eat

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Well the 18 degree dip and lack of significant precipitation have led to an almost non existent wildflower and thus wild edible season. In such a scarce year I will not harvest, so that plants may reseed and we can hope for a better year to come.  Depending on the monsoons some recipes may reach you in the fall but the spring menu is blank. I will let you know when natures bounty returns. Until then Hike, Bike, Run with someone you love, or one of our lovely guides.

“Where are the Animals?”

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

That was the question of the day this morning on a rather large (32 person) group Sunrise hike out of the JW Marriott. The answer, of course, is because they are for the most part nocturnal, or at least mimicking a nocturnal way of life. It makes sense if you think about; who wants to be outside in the sun when it’s over 100 degrees? So off the animals go: to burrows, dens, caves, shade trees and in the washes. There to hide until the relief of night and cooler temperatures yield more suitable conditions for roaming.

So the inevitable problem for viewing wild life here in the desert is that we cannot see in the dark. Plain and simple.  But with an obvious solution of light systems (headlamps, helmet mounted lights for biking, and the ol’ flashlight), we can illuminate the dark night to catch brief glimpses of these night dwellers. And an added bonus is that we too can enjoy the more comfortable temperatures.

I would encourage you to give the night a try; to stay out past the sun and see whats in your desert.  In addition to the opportunity of viewing some amazing wildlife, you will also have to chance to do some serious star gazing.  With city wide light restrictions put in place to minimize light pollution and our naturally clear skies, our nights are dark, allowing stunning views of numerous constellations. 

Weather your cruising on your bike through fast single track in a bubble of light, or hiking through the valley floors, I can guarantee that doing it at night will offer you a new perspective on the desert.

Don’t have a bike, or lights, or know where to go?  Then give us a call and set up a hike or ride.


How Hot?

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Well the temps are climbing quickly.  Today 95 how long till 100? I don’t know but it wont be long I’m sure. Hydrate. Hydrate!…… you get the point right. Ok one more, Hydrate! Oh yeah and ride at night,I just paid handsomely for a replacement bulb for my old Nightrider Hid  light. Wow are they ever proud of those things.  But I love having that much light attached to my helmet in the dark quite desert. For those of you who don’t speak night ride: to mountain bike by light at night. These aren’t your ordinary around town lights. These are serious, HID means high intensity discharge, these things are super bright like off road lights on trucks.  The ride is amazing, beautiful, inspiring,….. Wow If you get the chance , like maybe on a guided outing with Southwest Trekking or something, you gotta do this! I’ve had owels hunt in my light, all kinds of rodents in the path and I rode through a herd of deer, that had that deer in the headlight thing going on, and rode right through they didn’t spook til after I was gone. Night riding is a great way to expeirince the desert in the summer, and we can take you there!

Randy Young, Southwest Trekking Guide.