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What flowers do you see?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Well this is not going to be a great year for wildflowers.  But I have seen some popping up. So far what I’ve seen is mostly in shaded areas that must not have been frozen as badly.  There are some brittle bush, desert marigolds, so far. I will let you know what else I see popping up.

Maintain bikes

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

If you ride mountain bikes you must maintain them, so if you rent mountain bikes you must maintain a lot of bikes. Been renting several bikes a day, which means I’ve been cleaning and tuning up several bikes a day. Being busy is nice although I do miss taking leisurely hikes through the desert exploring and finding wonders to blog about.  The road bikes we rent also get gone through between uses but need less tuning , very few tire  repairs and are nearly clean when they come back. Well I see my last two rentals coming back, time to go tune those up!

Randy Young, Southwest Trekking Guide.

happening now

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Well the JW is a buzz with several athletic groups this week. These active groups are taking advantage of our services with lots of hikers and an average of four bike rentals a day. There is also a triathlon training group in house making  the views at the resort  incredible!

Road Biking with Bike Escapades and Southwest Trekking

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

In conjuction with Bike Escapades and Southwest Trekking, we just completed our week long supported road bike trip through Southern Arizona. 

Below is a letter from a client that participated in our most recent trip and pictures.  Go to and sign up for our next trip.

To:  Escapades bike Tours

Re:  Tucson Tour

My wife and I were participants in the Tucson Bicycle Tour last week.  We loved the area and although the cycling was difficult considering the fact that it was early  in the cycling season we enjoyed the riding immensely.

Mostly, however, we wish to acknowledge the excellent work by John and Noah.  Both Cindy and I felt at home almost immediately and the feeling continued throughout the week.  They were adept at taking a diverse group of people and making us all feel like family. 

On the final Friday Cindy fell and sustained a concussion requiring a call to the paramedics and a trip to the hospital in Bisbee.  Both John and Noah were there almost immediately and handled the situation like the veterans they are.  We cannot praise them enough for everything they did for us.  We were very pleased overall with the care we received by all on this trip.

  Our best wishes for your continued success and please pass on our gratitude to both John and Noah.

 Tom Mannis

Bill Peachy and his saguaros

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011


 This morning I made a trip back to the area in the Tucson Mountains of “wind thrown” Saguaros from a microburst the 1st week of August 2010.      There, I was quite interested to see this cluster of freeze damaged Saguaros from the nights of 2 – 5 February 2011.      These, in this condition, were first noted on Saturday 19 February 2011 & reported to me by Janet Rupp through her husband on 23 February – so they were first noted some 2 to 2.5 weeks after the freezing nights( depending on how you figure it… ).

 The attached “telephoto” image just shows the main concentration of damage.    There are a few more up on the ridgeline above this view & and a few more around the end of the ridge to the right( E. ) of the view.    I certainly may have missed some of the damaged and undamaged small Saguaros when I checked/ counted those in the area.      But this will give you a rough “guesstimate” of what is there and the numbers relationships between affected and unaffected.      Regardless,it is a really strange accurance because …..

 In the area surrounding this spot there are thousands of Saguaros that do not exhibit the outer “orange tissue” coloration…..

 This hill slope is a south aspect.     The damage seen generally sweeps around from the SW sides to the NE sides of these Saguaros.   

 The most prominent Saguaro, “a”, is the brightest orange – brighter & more reddish-orange than a Munsell value of “10 YR 6/6” .     My next “shipment” to you all will include a close view of the “trunk” of Saguaro “a” with a Kodak color reference scale included so that you can judge for your selves……..this one may be more orange than the image of a hillside Saguaro down in Organ Pipe National Monument recently sent to me by Sue Rutman, an NPS Plant Ecologist presently working there( How about it Sue ??? ).

 More to follow,   Enjoy!               ———————— Bill Peachey 

Bill is a local plant, but especially saguaro, expert and a guide with and for Southwest Trekking.  Bill, you rock.  XOXO

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