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Families ROCK!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

I had the opportunity to take a young family out this weekend for a ride at the Arizona Trail. They weren’t “mountain bikers” but they were athletic, adventurous, and just bursting with good energy. It was a blast watching them gain confidence on the bikes as we wound our way through the cactus on the twisty singletrack.

Father and son traded playful banter about who was faster, while mother focused on the trail. I talked her through the rocky sections and we placed wagers on which of the two boys upfront would end up with cactus quills in him.

By the end of our day everyone had huge smiles on their faces, and the youngest of the bunch had a few prickly pear quills in him. But not to worry, its therapeutic. Free acupuncture treatment if you will. We finished the day with pizza, cold drinks, and laughs.