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Senior Citizens

Friday, October 9th, 2009


Richard and Russ

This time it was an e-mail, Richard and his friend were coming into Tucson.  Richard was going to be in Northern Arizona doing a running race/event.  Him and his wife were going to go through Phoenix and pick up his friend Russ and then head down to Tucson.  E-mails were exchanged, plans were made.  They wanted three days of mountain biking.  Times were confirmed for pick up.  Location for pick up were put on the calender.  The day before the first outing Richard calls and reconfirms place of pick up and time.  I, the guide, the professional guide, prepares the night before to make sure everything goes perfectly the next day.  The alarm goes off at 5AM.  I don’t have to pick them up until eight, but I make sure I have it all together.  Remember, Southwest Trekking, The Professional Guide Service.  Arduous Journeys for those who indulge extremes thing.  I head down the road.  The resort is about 45 minutes away.  I plan on being at least 15 to 30 minutes early.  You know, The professional thing to do.  I always try to pride myself on being at least 15 minutes early.  I read somewhere that this famous person attributed part of their success to being 15 minutes eary at all times.  Sounded good.  I have played by that, as much as I could.  I park out front of the resort.  Go in to use the rest room. Go figure, it is closed for cleaning.  I walk up to the front desk and ask, I might add, a wonderfully beautiful young lady, where the closest restrooms is.  She does not only tell me, she takes me.  OK. OK I know I am making a long story out of short story.  Be patient.  Finish my thing.  Walk back into the lobby.  Now understand, I arrived 25 minutes early.  It is now 15 minutes before pick up time.  I am standing at the front door of the lobby.  Standing with my hands behind my back like a good little professional.  This young lady walks past and we strike up a conversation.  As it turns out she is the fitness and spa director.  Cool, good networking opportunity.  We go at it.  You know, the professional thing.  I am peering out the door and around the lobby to make sure I can see the clients when they walk up.  Of course I point out to this new professional contact that I am The Professional Guide Service and we try and arrive early for each outing.  Hmmmmm  2 minutes after eight.  No Richard, no Russ.  Now, I do make mistakes at times, it is possible.  I pull out my handy dandy smart phone attached to my hip and try to impress my new professional contact and pull up my calender to re-re-confirm my time and pick up location.  “Damn, wrong resort.”  I run out the door.

Richard, his wife and Russ were cool about me being late, after I told the story.  The Professional Guide Service.


Richard, looking strong




Richard, showing how it is done

OK, you are looking at these pics and saying to yourself, these guys are, well, older than the usual mountain biker.  And you may just be right, but I will say the are also stronger than the average mountain biker.  They were great.  I/we had a grand time.  Lawyer to boot.  And we had a hoot.  Sorry.  I always wanted to be a rapper.


Redington Pass, Arizona Trail

Richard says,

russ and i really appreciated all you did for us. we could not have done the biking without you. you took us on and trails which suited our abilities to a “t”.”

John Heiman says,

“Three days of riding.  Three days of fun.  Damn.  My life sucks.”

Southwest Trekking

Saguaro National Park West

Thursday, October 8th, 2009


A lady from Florida was coming to Tucson on business and wanted to go on a couple of hikes before she started her work.  She contacted Southwest Trekking and made arrangements for us to take her out on two hikes.  The only time she had was a start time of 3PM.  Now that may seem a bit late but it was perfect because we would have to be walking out as the sunset.  Perfect.

The first day we went to Catalina State Park and started up The Romero Trail.  She heard about this trail and wanted to check it out.  I think it may have been a bit more than she expected but she toughed it our anyway.   Yahoooooooo  Steep canyon hiking in Southwern Arizona.

The next evening we ventured to Saguaro National Park West, Sweetwater Trail.  I think the pictures pretty much tell it all.

Thanks Marianne for a great time.  Yes, us guides have a great time with our clients, as much as our clients have with us.  Weird how that works.


Southwest Trekking

A letter

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Below you will find a simple to the point letter that we recently sent out to our clients and potential clients.

October 01, 2009


I hope you know this but, please read.

I wanted to take a few moments of your time to introduce you to Southwest Trekking and who and what we are.  Southwest Trekking is a professional guide service based in Tucson, Arizona.  We have been in business for twenty years, and hold permits to operate in The United States National Forest, Coronado National Forest and The National Park Service, Saguaro National Park.  We have commercial liability insurance along with commercial transportation insurance.  Southwest Trekking offers biking, road and mountain, guided and rentals, guided trekking/hikes, guided rock climbing, guided camping and guided trail runs.  We also offer a wide variety of corporate events to help you serve your clients.

There are others out there that claim to be a guide service, which they may be, but do they have permits for The National Forest Service and for The National Park System?  Insurances?  Both liability and transportation?  Twenty years of experience?

I can answer that with one word.  NO.

If you have any questions please call.

John Heiman


Southwest Trekking

Professional Guide Services

Arduous Journeys For Those Who Indulge In Extremes

PO Box 57714

Tucson, Arizona  85732-7714



Where the difference is experience.

And much more.

Road Biking

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

This weekend was pretty much a roadie weekend.  Got up early to ride with ‘the’ boys and girls.  Every Saturday they have what they call the shootout here in Tucson.  It is an event where if you want to ride hard, fast and a long distance with a large group then this is where you go to do it. 

So, I we, show up at 6AM for a 6:15 start.  It is a very strange morning, at least for Tucson.  Cool, to cold and raining, yeah, raining in Tucson.  The rain is a welcome addition but maybe not for a long, fast ride in a pack.  But we start.  I have not done a ‘shoot out’ for probably 20+ years.  It was great to be in a pack, riding, breathing hard, spinning.  I will not make this to be drawn out, ot to make excuses, but to tell you I was dropped, slid off the back end, I could not hang.  Maybe this was what happens when you do not ride with the bad boys and girls but erbry twenty years or so.

 Finished the ride and had breakfst with friends, what a grand way to start the day.  I just may have to do this again, soon..

Southwest Trekking

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