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Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


Southwest Trekking the premier outdoor guiding service in Southern Arizona recommends……..

The Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa

located at 3800 E. Sunrise Dr.

Tucson, AZ 85718

(520) 742-6000




This upscale resort is nestled in the Santa Catalina foothills and boasts 5 pools, a Jack Nicklaus signature 27 hole golf course, the Red Door Salon and Spa, and nearby access to many magnificent trails!!!

Upon arrival be sure to visit the concierge or front desk to ask about guided hiking or guided mountain bike adventures from Southwest Trekking.

Southwest Trekking will provide everything you need for a fun and safe customized outdoor adventure!

Hiking tours include education of local flora and fauna to give visitors a unique  perspective about our amazing Sonoran Desert.

Guided bike tours include all equipment and transportation.

Southwest Trekking also rents various types of mountain, road and hybrid bicycles with delivery to and from your hotel or residence with all equipment included!


Southwest Trekking

Professional Outdoor Guiding Service

(520) 296-9661

Watch out for those rocks!!!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016



Mountain bike Arizona with a professional outdoor guide!

Check out amazing scenery and learn about our unique area, all with the “piece of mind” of having a pro to help choose the perfect trail for you!

Southwest Trekking

Outdoor Guiding Service

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Good Morning!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


What better place to explore than beautiful southern Arizona! Come ride with us!

Southwest Trekking

Professional Guide Services



The “Hang Loose” Saguaro at Sweetwater

Friday, October 21st, 2016


The crested or cristate formation in the below saguaro is a rare mutation where the top forms a fan shape. According to the National Park Arizona site ( some biologists believe it to be genetic related and some believe that it may be freeze or lightning damage.

I think the below crested has formed the shaka aka “hang loose” sign which is a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii and surf culture. Keep your eye out at Sweetwater trails for this one.

Southwest Trekking

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Sweetwater Sweetness

Saturday, October 15th, 2016


Come join us for a ride at Sweetwater Preserve. Yet another beautiful place to enjoy this gorgeous fall weather.

Southwest Trekking

Outdoor Guiding Service

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Outdoor Education

Thursday, October 13th, 2016


Southwest Trekking in conjunction with the Arizona Trail Association
recently had the honor of taking Oracle Elementary’s amazing 4th graders to the Arizona Trail to harvest prickly pear fruit!

The kids were enthusiastic and had great questions and thoughtful answers.

Outdoor interactive learning helps open eyes of all ages!!!

Southwest Trekking

Outdoor Guiding Service

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Late Bloomer

Sunday, October 9th, 2016


First time I’ve seen a Saguaro flower bloom this late. Their usual blooming period is May and June although this year they started early in April. So to see one this late in the game this year especially is a rare sight!


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Made a Friend

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016


You don’t see Gila Monsters often but sometimes they make an appearance. Although poisonous they are harmless if left alone.

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Desert Storm

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016



Beautiful sunset on the Catalina’s to top off a day of smooth riding at Sweetwater trail system!  Whether you’re new to Tucson or an established native, the desert never fails to surprise with a fresh new face.  Today we’ve got Hurricane Newton coming through the valley to cool us all off and get stoked for the biking season.

Get after it this season with Southwest Trekking! Hiking and biking guides designed for all levels of fun!

(520) 296-9661

Outdoor Professional guiding service


Exotic plants

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

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